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  • Petuna Aquaculture

    About Petuna Petuna is a privately-owned Tasmanian success story, established by Peter and Una Rockliff in 1949. Originally a fishing company, Petuna diversified into aquaculture in 1990. Today Petuna’s core values are recognising that aquaculture should complement and co-exist with wild catch activities, respecting the longevity of the natural environment in which they operate. While the company is the state’s smallest salmon farming business, it is Australia’s largest domestic retail supplier of salmon. Petuna is now one of the state’s largest job creators, employing more than 180 people. Employment opportunities and Diversity of Employment Petuna’s team is made up of 90 per cent local employees. We pride ourselves on creating a diverse range of employment opportunities for Tasmanians in regional areas, such as Devonport, Cressy and Strahan. Our job opportunities cover a wide variety of fields, including marine biology, veterinary science, sustainability and environmental science, marine operations (freshwater and saltwater), research and development, community engagement, management, quality and processing, work health and safety, legal, human resources, sales and marketing, finance and retail. Petuna employs people from a rang of backgrounds, with a strict no discrimination policy based on race, religion, disability, age or gender. We have a multicultural workforce with a diverse range of qualifications and skills across the organisation. Our people come first at Petuna and as such, we invest in health and wellbeing programs as well as training and development opportunities for our employees. Importance of Aquaculture to Tasmania The Tasmanian seafood industry is the most valuable seafood industry in Australia, with a production value of $825.6 million. The industry directly employs an estimated 3,439 FTE positions. Seventy-five per cent of the seafood workforce is employed in the aquaculture sector, including salmon processing. Of that, 67 per cent is employed full time and almost half is under 40 years of age. The gross value of marine farming in the state is $651 million. Salmonids are worth $626 million alone and employ 2,090 direct FTE positions. As many as 5,200 jobs in associated businesses rely on the salmon industry.


    Our Home is Tasmania A beautiful island with pristine waters and a rich maritime history where our ambition to produce healthy, fresh Atlantic salmon began more than 30 years ago. Food is the most critical need for future generations, particularly sustainable salmon – food with a low-carbon profile that is also a superfood. From humble beginnings, we are now Australia’s leading seafood producer and the largest producer of Atlantic salmon, our focus on quality and sustainability has underpinned our reputation as a global pioneer and leader. Our geographically diverse footprint across Tasmania makes us an integral contributor to regional communities and that is why our vision is one we share with all our stakeholders – to create a better tomorrow through our sustainable operations. Food is the most critical need for future generations, particularly sustainable salmon – food with a low-carbon profile that is also a superfood. Our people are passionate about producing a healthy, sustainable protein, which is experiencing increasing demand both in Australia and internationally.

  • Huon Aquaculture

    Huon Aquaculture was founded in Tasmania’s Huon Valley in 1986 by Peter and Frances Bender. The company has grown from a small family operation, to now employing over 550 people across Tasmania and Australia. In 2014, Huon was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and remains a majority family-owned and operated company. Huon has the long-held the view that employing good people results in a positive work environment and farming success. In addition to farm operations, Huon Aquaculture also has Customer Service, Administration and support services located in Hobart, a trial Yellowtail Kingfish operation in New South Wales, and processing facilities in the north of Tasmania at Parramatta Creek and Botany, New South Wales. Employer of Choice In 2015, Huon Aquaculture was recognised as an Employer of Choice by the Tasmanian Government in acknowledgement of a highly innovative working culture, opportunities for career growth and family culture within the workforce. Huon Aquaculture’s mission is to: Sustainably and efficiently produce the highest quality Salmon and Trout products possible; Strive to be leaders within our industry; Provide our customers with the best quality and service possible; and Be a workforce that seeks excellence and innovation in everything we do. Huon Aquaculture’s values are: People – we value our employees and work together to develop our industry. Safety – we provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff, contractors and visitors. Community – we are responsible neighbours helping to build and support sustainable communities. Integrity – we are ethical, transparent, and inclusive in all our dealings. Creativity – we embrace the challenge of innovation and are driven by an improvement culture. Care – we are passionate about our business, working together to achieve quality outcomes.